How much does TalkBox.Mom cost?

You can start the TalkBox.Mom program for $35-$80.

The TalkBox.Mom phrasebook is $35 and gives you access to the native speaker audio for each phrase in the book inside the TalkBox.Mom Companion App. Plus, you'll also get access to our accountability group to help you work consistently towards your goals.  

The TalkBox.Mom boxes each cost $80. You can start your first box for $80, which comes with the native speaker audio for each phrase in your box (plus even more phrases online and in the app), online access with printables, the TalkBox.Mom Accountability Group, and the physical prints of your language guides, so you can hit the ground running. Your family in your household will have lifetime access to the companion app. Note, app access is nontransferable.

Many families order the phrasebook with their first box. We highly recommend ordering both. This allows you to have a deep focus with your box while adding in varied phrases from the phrasebook to constantly keep learning fun and interesting with your child. You'll receive a $10 off coupon after adding your box to your cart and then adding on your phrasebook.

After your first box, you can continue on to your next box for $80 or you can pause or cancel your subscription with no fee. We want to make sure this is the language program of your dreams. There are a total of nine boxes in our full program. 

If you would like to purchase all nine boxes in our full program, you can save $72. The boxes will still be shipped one by one to help you feel confident as you move forward.


Although TalkBox.Mom is a premium program, families consistently rate our program as BEST VALUE for its price. Having a similar immersion experience would cost at least $600 per box. At least. This is equivalent to the amount of time you will spend listening and practicing your phrases—not even the time someone would spend curating and laying out the most effective path towards fluency as we have done for you. Each of our boxes has different fluency approaches and builds upon each other, allowing you to create an unparalleled experience in your home.

You can choose your language and order your phrasebook and first box here.

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