What's the difference between the phrasebook and box?

We highly recommend purchasing the phrasebook with the box. However, it is possible to start with just the phrasebook or just the box. 

Both the phrasebook and boxes come with native speaker audio for its specific phrases inside the TalkBox.Mom Companion App. However, the box audio is also available online. 

The Phrasebook

The phrasebook is $35 and focuses on a fluency approach of needs and wants. This means that you go through the book finding phrases that you need to say, want to say, or say all the time. The phrasebook has typical phrases a family would use, like, "Leave your Band-Aid on," "Buckle your seatbelt," "Carry me!" Throw your wrapper away," or "Let's play outside."  You can initially skip phrases that aren't applicable. For example, if you don't have a baby, don't learn the diaper phrases. However, you can go back to skipped phrases and alter them for your needs if desired. The book has over 295 topics with a couple of phrases on each topic. Not every phrase will be applicable; however, it has over 1,750 phrases, so you'll exceed its value very quickly after just a couple hundred phrases. 

The Boxes

Each box is $80 and goes very deep into a specific topic in your home. The first box on a fluency approach of consistency as well as needs and wants. This means that you go through the box learning the highest frequency phrases and building those phrases into your life. So instead of saying, 'I'm really hungry," your child can whine it in another language. After the highest frequency phrases, you work your way down to lower frequency phrases, adding more speech into your life—even if sometimes you stopped saying those things in English or don't typically say them out loud. You would only skip phrases if someone was allergic to something or you didn't have a "brother" in your house for example. This will allow you to add foundational phrases to your life that will allow you to speak in other situations while you mix and match phrases like a native or near-native speaker.

Each box has a different fluency approach that builds on the previous box. By the time you get to the last box, your challenges are just in the language you're learning. (However, for languages that don't have a roman alphabet, there will be phonetics still.)

The boxes come with full-color language guides, online printables for extra games and activities, and extra audio inside the TalkBox.Mom Companion App.

Using the Phrasebook with the Boxes

The best way to work through the TalkBox.Mom program is to focus on 1-5 phrases at a time. We recommend choosing one phrase from the phrasebook and the other phrases from your box. This will allow you to break up the theme of the box with varied phrases. If you have another language guide, like the Homeschool Phrases, you can alternate choosing one phrase from that language guide and one from your phrasebook.

Get Started!

Click here to choose your language to get started! After adding your box to your cart, you'll be able to add your phrasebook for $10 off.

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