Which language should I do with my family?

When choosing a language with TalkBox.Mom, making the best choice for your family is important because if you use our program, your family will be USING this language. ðŸŽ‰

Here are three questions to help weigh your options and make the best choice as a family:

  1. If we could just snap our fingers, and you were speaking a new language, which language would change your current situation? Are there neighbors, community members, or family members you could speak with? For working parents or if you have older working children, which language would help in your work?
  2. Looking forward to the future, what language would change your future opportunities? Is there a language that would open up opportunities that align with your or your child's interests?

    For example, if your child is interested in construction management, business, or the medical field in the U.S., Spanish might be high on your list. Or if your child is working towards a career as a ballerina, Russian might be high on your list. Or if your child is interested in research in science and engineering, German might be high on your list. Remember, these are just examples. Each language will open up incredible possibilities that you or your child will be prepared for—either for work, education, or service.
  3. Now, the heart can outweigh anything that might seem initially practical, so the last question is: Is there a language that you have always wanted to do? A language that makes your heart sing? Sometimes our kids' hearts might feel called or particularly interested to learn a language, or perhaps your own heart is beginning you to finish a language you started learning or one that is tied to your ancestors. 

    The answer to this question is also very important. 

Which is the best language?

When it comes down to it, the BEST language to learn is the language your family WILL learn. 

It's important as you're choosing a language to talk with your kids about what's on your heart and listen to what is on yours. This will help with their buy-in. 

You can try out each language we offer with our starter pack. This is VERY helpful if you feel intimidated by the language your child has chosen. You'll see that it's in your wheelhouse within a couple of minutes.

Can't settle on one language?

If family members would like to do different languages, it is possible to start with more than one language—IF this doesn't overwhelm you.

If you feel overwhelmed, consider starting with one language and then adding on another. Let your family in on the plan, so they know what to expect. If one child really wants a different language, consider buying just the phrasebook in that language as you focus most of your energy on the boxes and the phrasebook in the main language. You can always circle back and do another language. 

Get Started!

Now the most important step is to start, so you can change your life! Choose from one of our eleven languages here.

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