How to Pull Your Poster Out Of The Tube and Flatten It

How to pull your poster out of the tube?

1. Take two fingers and put them inside the poster. Then keep turning your fingers in the direction the poster is rolled.

2.  Once the poster is smaller than the tube, you can easily pull it out! 

How to flatten your poster?

No need to leave a poster under books for days to hopefully flatten out. This will take less than two minutes!

1. Start by rolling the poster in the middle of the poster with a large roll in order to not crease the poster. Once you have a large roll, you can start twisting the roll to make it smaller.

2.  After you have the poster rolled in the opposite direction, just hold it for a couple of seconds.

3. Next, let the poster open back up. The ends might want to fold in another direction, so just smooth those out. 

Then voila! You have a flat poster that you can put up in your home.

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