App & Website Update

It’s time to update the TalkBox.Mom Companion App with improved stability and speed! 

As the previous app version is no longer supported, you must update the app on your device(s). And it’s super easy to update:

Step 1: Go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your device

Step 2: Search for the TalkBox.Mom Companion App

Step 3: Open it and click “Update”

What’s new on the website?

You’ll find even more updates on our website to enhance your learning experience!

Your language journey right at login!

The biggest change you’ll notice is a brand-new My Programs area on the website – an area dedicated to your learning experience with all the boxes you own. 

The My Programs area is easy to navigate, as it mirrors the app’s sections of My Boxes and My Books. (Please note: My Books content is only available in the TalkBox.Mom Companion App at this time.)

Within My Programs, use the sidebar to click: 

  • Getting Started - The Quick Start Guide to jumping in and using your box to talk with your family!
  • Billing & Shipping - Your account area to view your orders, shipments, and other account details.
  • Need help? - Our help center with answers to common questions for purchasing or using the TalkBox.Mom program. 

Faster access to what you need!

After logging in, the login button becomes a dropdown menu with your username. This dropdown menu allows you to access your programs and your account information easily from anywhere on the website. You can also log out from this menu. 

Quickly switch between challenges and phrases! 

You can now navigate more easily between challenges and pages using the menu on the left while also seeing your progress. We hope your eyes enjoy the new design of this lovely, updated learning experience!

Easily widen your learning area!

You have the option to expand your My Programs learning area by collapsing the sidebar on the left. Collapse and expand the sidebar by clicking the three lines at its top.

Find your current box faster with thumbnails!

It’s so easy to find your boxes within My Programs with pictures of each box, organized by your languages.

Jump into your box and challenges where you want!

If you haven’t started your box yet, you can click “Start Box” on the box page and jump into the first challenge and then its corresponding pages with phrases and native speaker audio to start practicing. 


If you’ve already started your box, you can hit “Continue” and jump to the last challenge you left off on to listen to your phrases with the native speaker audio!


You can also open any challenge from the Box Content list and go to its pages with phrases and native speaker audio.

Easily click the super-cute play button!

Just as you’ve done before on the website or in the app, inside your challenge, you can heart, check off, or listen to each phrase - but now it’s so much cuter and easier to click on the clearly marked play button on the website!  When you click play, not only will the native speaker audio begin but the play button also turns into a cute pause button so you can pause the phrase as needed.

And also just as before, if you click on the heart to the left of a phrase, it will add to your Learning list in the app. Or if you click on the square to the right of a phrase, the phrase will be added to your Using list in the app. 

Everything you need in your account!

Make changes to your account information by clicking on the dropdown menu, then selecting My Account. Within My Account you can view your orders, view your downloads, edit your subscriptions, and update your address or billing method. You can return to your programs by clicking "Back to Programs."

Easily view your referral code and share!

Now, straight from your account, you can click “Invite a Friend” to look up your referral code. You can copy and share your code in texts or DMs, or you can share directly from here on Facebook, Twitter, or via email!

When your friend uses your code, they’ll get $15 off when they purchase their first TalkBox and Phrasebook, plus you’ll get a $15 credit in your account with their first order, as a little thank you. You can still view all your referrals and your store credit by clicking on “Referrals.”

Smoothly switch to shopping! 🛒

Anytime you want to switch from My Programs to shopping for TalkBox.Mom products, click on the TalkBox.Mom logo on the upper left of the webpage. You can always access your programs again by using the dropdown menu with your username and selecting “My Programs.”


Thank you for being a part of TalkBox.Mom as we grow and improve our language program for you! 🤗

As with all maintenance updates, if you notice anything that seems off, please contact so we can look into it right away. We’ll be so grateful for your help. And we have more updates to follow after this one!

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