When to Mark Phrases as Completed


In the app, you can keep track of the phrases your family has mastered, by clicking on the checkbox next to the phrases, just like that.

Then on the home screen, you can also review your mastered phrases by clicking on Mastered (We have learned). When should you move a phrase to Mastered?

Well, I recommend moving a phrase there when that phrase is a part of your everyday life.

Now, your kids might be at different ages and stages, and some of them might not be saying the phrase, but they know what it means, and as they hear you use it more and more they can start using it.

It's just important that you don't do any bulldozing, where you have all these phrases mastered, you're talking them at your kids, and your kids don't really know what's going on, and you're just kind of dragging them along.

Instead, you want to be on the same page. If you're on the same page and it's a phrase that you're using consistently, even if you might have to peek, I would mark that phrase as Mastered (We have learned) If your kids are younger you can go through and have the phrases that you're using. And then you can go back through and master some as your kids get older and you want them to really be using the phrases. So that's up to you.

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