How to Hear New Language Sounds Better


One of the most important things that you can do is give yourself time. When you're starting a new language as I've mentioned, you can't hear all the sounds being said.

This is because after you became four years old, you stopped hearing all the sounds. When you're a  baby you can hear so many sounds and then as you didn't use those sounds in English, they started to shut down.

Now you just need time for those sounds to open up again. What that's going to look like is right now you're going to hear the audio and you're going to hear what you think it says. And as you continue to be positive, and kind to yourself, and give yourself time, you're going to start hearing more and more of those sounds that you didn't hear before.

So continue to have fun and just have a good, good time as you do this, and then you'll start hearing yourself getting even better, and you'll start hearing more sounds than you heard before.

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