How to Get Started with the Homeschool Phrases


Hey, it's Adelaide, the founder of TalkBox.Mom, and I have three things for you to do, so you can be very successful with The Homeschool Phrases.

The first one is to choose one to five phrases to focus on. Get out your guide, read through the English, and see what the phrases are. Get very familiar with those.

I know you're going to get excited and want to do a lot of phrases, but just choose one phrase, or two phrases, or five max to start with.

When you keep your focus very narrow, you're going to make a lot more progress because you're actually going to start using those phrases.

So once you have your one or two phrases chosen, then the second step is to listen to the native speaker audio and say it with a native speaker. And then, put yourself in a situation where you would use that, so you could practice that phrase with your kids or use it with your kids.

Then, the third thing that I need you to do is actually use those phrases as life happens. So you know where you're going to be using them, and then make sure you have a reminder up or something up so that you use those phrases.

Below, in these Getting Started videos, I'm going to show you exactly how to do those things, so that they seem very very practical and usable for you.

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